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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions


All enrolments are subject to these terms and conditions, which become legally, binding on confirmation of acceptance by Cambridge Gardens College.

Cambridge Gardens College reserves the right to withhold confirmation of an enrolment at its discretion, if it is deemed necessary for the benefit of the student or Cambridge Gardens College.


Fees must be paid in full before the course commences. Tuition fees and accommodation fees are calculated in complete weeks. Any part of a week will be counted as a complete week.

No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, additional lessons or extension of any course can be given for :

  1. services or facilities included in the fees but not used
  2. late entry to, or absence or early departure from, a course without a formal agreement from Cambridge Gardens College
  3. lessons replaced by testing and class allocation procedures on entry dates
  4. days when Cambridge Gardens College is closed due to official holidays
  5. any applicant who might not adhere to rules, regulations, norms and instructions of the school; the applicant would be sent home at his/her own expenses.


An enrolment may be cancelled without charge provided that notice of cancellation is received not less than four calendar weeks prior to the scheduled course commencement date.

In the absence of such notice, or if notice of less than four calendar weeks is given, the tuition fees and accommodation fees for one week must be paid in lieu of notice.


If a student wishes to curtail his/her course before the finish date, the length of notice given must be as follows:

  • No less than one week for a two week course
  • Two weeks for a three to four week course
  • Four weeks for a longer course

If no notice or insufficient notice is given, tuition fees and any accommodation fees must be paid in lieu of notice. (See Liability and Insurance.)


Any request to leave or change accommodation must be made to, and agreed by, Cambridge Gardens College at least ten days prior to the proposed change.

If this notice is not received, accommodation fees for one week must be paid in lieu of notice.

Accommodation will remain payable for any period of absence from a course, unless prior arrangements have been made with Cambridge Gardens College.

In arranging accommodation Cambridge Gardens College acts strictly as an agent for its clients, and makes payments only in this capacity.

School Regulations

Cambridge Gardens College provides details of all regulations to ensure that all courses run smoothly and efficiently for all parties. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is part of the contractual obligations of the students upon enrolment.

Liability and Insurance

Cambridge Gardens College and its representatives and staff will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property, however caused. An exception to this is where such liability is imposed by statute.

It is the responsibility of the students (or their parents, in the case of minors) to take out personal insurance against all such risks, including inability to attend or continue a course, and insurance for the payment of medical or other expenses.

External Factors

It is a fundamental condition of the contract that should there be any external factors beyond the control of Cambridge Gardens College or its agents that render Cambridge Gardens College unable to complete its contract, neither Cambridge Gardens College nor its agents shall be liable for any losses incurred.

Examples of such factors include; industrial action, fire, flood and earthquake damage, war, civil unrest or riot, or any other cause that is reasonably deemed to be outside the control of Cambridge Gardens College of its agents.


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Personal Data

Any information collected about you will be treated as confidential and will only be used as follows:

For considering any applications you make to us and for the administration of your course.
For statistical analysis.